Practice tips for parents
I know all too well how hard it can be for some parents to maintain or implement a practice routine, without feeling like you’re forcing your young ones to practice.

Here’s how to make it happen!!

  1. Pick a time with your child, and stick to it. In my experience right after school or after dinner works best. A few of our parents have had luck scheduling practice time in the morning before school, but that depends if your little one(s) are morning people. It’s important that practicing is consistent. Once it’s a routine, it becomes really easy……for everyone.


  1. Set practice length. Start off with 10 min-15 min per day, then increase as you go along. For many young players, starting off with 10min. per day would be advised. Intermediate players, 30min to 1 hour, and advanced 2-4 hours per day. The amount of time spent would also depend on level and goals student wishes to reach. Ask your instructor for their advice.


  1. Have a routine. Many students, and players, often just practice whatever comes to mind. And although that might be OK and fun to try once in a while, best results are proven to have an actual routine. Example: Scales, studies, etudes. Or for drummers: rudiments, groove exercises, song analysis. As musicians develop and focuses change, so will what is practiced during practice time.

Good luck moms and dads!!