My son/daughter wants to take guitar lessons.
Is it better to start on acoustic or electric? Which one is better?

From the feedback we receive from our instructors and the many guitarists I’ve had the opportunity to perform and record with over the years, it does matter.
Acoustic and electric guitars look similar, but they feel and play like two different instruments.  Electric, of course, having allot more power.
We tend to recommend acoustic guitars over electric for younger students. The stings seem to be a bit easier on their littler fingers, depending on their age.

Here are some questions we ask our students before lessons start:

  1. What style of music are you into?
  2. Name of few of your favorite guitarists?
  3. Do you wish to complete any RCM Exams?

Having these questions answered will give you a better idea of what to recommend. Is the student planning to take RCM exams, or study classical music? Then an acoustic guitar would be recommended. Is the student more into rock or metal? Then an electric guitar would be the way to go. We also tend to recommend acoustic guitars for singer songwriters, they generally won’t need a vocal mic, and they can sit and write anywhere without an hauling around an amp, or having to worry about the amp overpowering their voice. This may seem obvious to guitar players/teachers, but we’ve had students purchase and show up to class with a Fender Strat, who wanted to take RCM exams.

A saying that I picked up from a world class educator that I met attending a seminar years ago, (and it always stuck)………..”Never assume anything”.  Don’t assume that parents will know what to get.  Don’t assume the musical instrument store you recommended will ask them the right questions before selling them or recommending what they should go with.

Happy Teachings!!