What To Look For When Buying A Used Drum Set

  • Are cymbals included? (Hi-hats, crash cymbal, ride cymbal)
  • Are the cymbal stands included?
  • Is the Hi-Hat stand included?
  • Is a snare drum stand included?
  • Is the bass drum pedal included?
  • Do all the drums match? Look at the lugs, hardware and company logo on the side of the drums.
  • Are the drum heads dented or pitted?
  • Are both bass drum spurs “there”?
  • Are the toms mounted on the bass drum? If so, does it come the tom hardware?
  • Look to see if there are any missing: wing-nuts, cymbal felts, washers, lugs, tension rods, hat-hat clutch, bottom drum heads……..
  • If the floor tom is not suspended……. Does the floor tom have all 3 legs? Try adjusting the floor tom to see if it’s easily adjustable.
  • Does is included a drum stool
  • Does it include a music stand

What may “look” like a great deal…………….

If hardware is not included, you might be looking at $300.00 – $400.00, at a minimum.
If cymbals are not included, you’re looking at $350.00 – $400.00+, at a minimum.

There’s nothing worse than buying an instrument, or anything else for that matter, thinking that it’s a great deal……only to find out latter that…….

1. Educate yourself

2. Take your time, look at each drum individually

3. Bring an experienced drummer along with you, ask your drum teacher!!

4. Don’t always believe the person that’s selling you the drums.