A while ago, me and the family went out for breakfast. Sitting beside us was a family of 3. The first thing we noticed was that everyone at the table had their iPads out…… Everyone, including the parent, had their heads down. The children playing games and the parent just browsing, (couldn’t help but notice). When their food arrived, you would have thought everyone would have put the pads away…….Nope. The whole time we were there,  the family didn’t say one word to each other, not one, and we were there for about 45 min. or so. Not to mention, it was also distracting because the game noises.

It was fairly sad to see this. Maybe I’m old school, but I’ve never seen a family so disconnected before at a dinner table. Since then I can’t help be notice this sort of thing happening everywhere. At dinner tables, in vehicles, walking through the malls, in our waiting area…..it’s everywhere.

Maybe it’s not as bad as I’m seeing it, (I hope), But what happened to conversation?

Since the blog is on “music lessons tips for parents, if I may suggest sitting in on your children’s lessons, (ages 3-10). Take notes, talk to the instructor, listen in on your child as he/she practices during the week, and talk to them about music, lessons, and their teachers. It’s just one more way to keep more connected to what’s going on in your children’s music lessons/education. We’ve suggested this to a few of our clients, and it’s amazing to see the difference!! With one of our clients, they always come in laughing and joking now, and the parents know exactly what’s going on during lessons. The parents also know what they should be practicing during the week. Since then, their progress has sky rocketed!!

Of course some children seem a bit intimated or nervous when their parents are in the room watching. So I would ask the instructor first what they think. Sometimes the parents in the room actually hold back progress. But either way, stay connected with the instructor, and……stay connected.